At ayurvedaforliving, we come to work every day because we want to bring unique Ayurvedic products and solutions to people. Most people are unaware about the magical benefits of Ayurveda, how to use Ayurveda or its products to solve and prevent health issues, which are already present, or may occur in the future. There is low awareness among people about Ayurveda’s healing power, which works gradually but has long lasting effects.

About Us

Throughout the history of India, people have often been using Ayurvedic solutions or recommendations, but they have no deep knowledge on how to use Ayurveda effectively to bring about a positive change.

Our mission at ayurvedaforliving is to gather data by utilizing cutting edge technologies to offer unique solutions and products that are verified, trusted and cost effective. Our Ayurvedic experts meet very specific groups and manufacturers to understand why their solutions/products are better and whether Government bodies and Ayurvedic influencers verify them.

Our aim is to make people well acquainted with high quality Ayurvedic products/solution.

We are working on several initiatives to bring about a positive change in our society and to build a perception where people are not afraid or worried about their medical or lifestyle solutions.


We are good people and we are not going to send you spam, We follow a very unique and effective approach to come with the magical solution, below are a few pointers to help you understand better;

  • Identify the actual and growing lifestyle problems of our society with deep data research
  • Reach out to the influencers/experts to gather solutions that are already available or need to be manufactured
  • Identify the products/solutions from manufacturers with certification from valid government bodies and ensure quality checks have been done
  • We meet/talk to several users to understand why the referred product is better and effective
  • We also make additional checks with third party quality standard firms to add extra security to our offered products/solutions


Overall, our success mantra focuses on three most important pillars given below;


We would like to take a moment to thank you for your time and trust in our Vision!



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