My Cuppa – My Tea or Chai

My Cuppa, My Tea/”Chai”.

We can offer you the best black tea from Assam, You define your taste. 

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Tea time is always a pleasant break, a time to socialize if you’re with friends, a time to relax if you’re alone.


Relax with a cup of tea


Whatever worry may arise, a hot “cuppa” is the answer to many people.

This could be a deal breaker in winter season. Isn’t it?.

Do you know that tea as a beverage comes to us across the ages in the form of a Chinese scroll brushed in 350 A.D. by a scholar named Lu Yu?.

Who found Tea?.

In 2737 B.C. the Chinese emperor Shen-Nung was boiling some water when some young leaves from a wild tree bush blew unnoticed into the pot.

Chinese emperor found tea


He covered the pot and put it to one side. When he poured the liquid into his cup, he noticed a pale amber color, sniffed the pleasing aroma and finally took a sip. That’s how we got our cutting chai.

On this planet, Tea is the most consumed beverage next to water.

Tea on Planet


Asia, India, Malaysia, the British Isles, the Middle Eastern countries, Africa and all of the former Soviet Union starts their morning with a steaming cup of tea.

Surprised…?, well don’t be, there is more…

How well do you know your tea?.

The common tea plant is the evergreen “Camelia sinensis”. Tea is prepared from its dried young leaves and leaf buds.


Tea leaf - Camelia sinensis


Although this plant is native to southern China, Burma, Cambodia and Assam, the Assam variety of Camelia sinensis is a very important player in the world of tea.

Do you know that only the young leaves of Camelia sinensis are harvested?. The average age of this Assam tree is 40 years.

Tea leaf plucking


Because of the need to be so selective, “tea is still harvested by hand. Only a trained eye can do this work”.

There are only 3 varieties of Camelia sinensis: green, black, and oolong. Segmentation can be done only on the basis of fermentation.

Tea Leaf types


Green tea is unfermented, oolong is partially fermented, and black tea is fully fermented.

90 percent of the international trade consists of black tea. Assam plays an important part in it. Orange pekoe and pekoe are black teas from Assam also referred as golden-tipped Assam chai. 2,000 freshly harvested Assam leaves weigh in at around two pounds.

Assam tea garden


No matter what tea or blend you favor, it will take a full five minutes of steeping to develop full, rich flavor.

Tea flavors


Unless you add sugar and milk, a cup of tea contains only 4 calories. With addition of milk and sugar, the calorie count may jump to 40.

It was mid-1800s, when Brits began to search the alternatives of chai plantation, India was still apart of British Emperor, British East India company began to cultivate chai in Assam then.

East India Company tea


By today standards, price paid for India tea in 1800s was around $1800 per pound. Yeah! you bet, It was then called “High Tea” or “Royal Tea”.

Hmm!…interesting facts isn’t it?, but how can we get good tea from Assam?.


How can we help?


We at Ayurmeans can help. We are a proud partner of one of the manufacturers from Assam, who are an ISO 22000:2005 certified company.

You will be amazed to know that unlike most, Our CTC chai comes from the household gardens of the small growers of Assam.

They are promoted by SELF HELP GROUP, Who follow organic practices to grow.

Tea worker


While you enjoy the myriad health benefits, you can also feel proud because with each cup you sip and share, a direct part of the profit goes back to the farmers and their families.

Life is good when you refresh yourself with the natural aroma and at the same time, support them to enhance their lives.

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