Why Yogurt is a smooth operator?

7 amazing health benefits of yogurt or Curd

It is a proven fact that our life depends upon milk since the time of our birth, no matter what race, religion or nationality we belong to. Milk is the very first food that we taste in our lives so as yogurt.


As we grow older, we start to like various dairy products derived from milk such as butter, cheese, curd etc.

You may have heard of adulterated milk but have you ever heard of adulterated Dahi or curd, in other words, yogurt is one of the safest dairy products for daily consumption.

Ayurveda considers yogurt to be an important part of a balanced diet and that’s why we want to bring to you 7 health benefits of your favorite Curd/Yogurt;

     1. Having problem with your gut, there is nothing better than yogurt.

Daily intake of yogurt in adequate amount is like nectar for the body. When milk turns to curd by fermentation, the lactose component of milk gets converted into lactic acid, which improves the functioning of the body’s digestive system, especially the stomach and intestines. Yogurt is also beneficial for people who have a low appetite.

Piles - Buttermilk


      2. Beat that heat in the stomach with yogurt.

With summer upon us, buttermilk is a popular drink in most parts of India, but do you actually know about the cooling effect of yogurt on the stomach. Yeah, you bet, not only do you feel good after a glass of butter milk, but your stomach is also at ease, as it works like a coolant for the stomach. A combination of rice and curd helps in stopping diarrhea. Yogurt along with rock salt also helps in fighting other stomach ailments.

     3. Save your heart for someone special, use yogurt.

Yogurt made from low fat milk keeps bad cholesterol away, which helps in the proper functioning of the heart. It is also useful in preventing high blood pressure and regulating heart beats, having said that, it cannot prevent your heart from skipping a beat when you meet that special someone. Haha! Jokes apart, it keeps your heart healthy.

Dahi - Heart

     4. Are your piles like an episode from fear files?

One of the leading causes of piles is constipation that is caused by the poor functioning of the digestive system. Yogurt promotes the smooth functioning of our digestive system and having curd in your diet will prevent constipation, thereby, reducing the chances of having piles.  The intake of buttermilk with carom seeds (ajwain) is an instant remedy for bloating and discomfort in the stomach.

    5Beauty at your finger tips.

In the time when there were no cosmetic beauty products available, have you ever wondered, how did the woman look so beautiful? We found that secret for you. It was none other than a mixture of dahi, gram flour and lemon extract. Our ancient beauties used to apply this mixture to their face, hair and entire body and they never had to fear the harmful effect of chemicals. Why can’t we do that now?

Curd - Ulcer

    6. Mouth ulcers – Let the food in your mouth increase not the pain.

If you apply the cream of yogurt on the mouth ulcers at least twice a day, it will heal them. A mix of honey and yogurt in equal amounts, when taken twice a day, can help prevent mouth ulcers.

     7. Trouble sleeping at night, get back to dream mode with yogurt.

Adding low fat curd or dahi to your dinner helps in fighting insomnia and in improving sleep patterns.


A healthy living is 90% diet and 10% exercise. When it comes to exercise, you can opt for a workout at the gym or a session of yoga. However, in the case of diet, it is not easy to formulate a specific diet. Plan your diet to include healthy food items like low-fat curd, soybeans, herbs and green leafy vegetables; after all good health is true wealth.

Ayurveda recommends preventive measures to stay healthy. It follows the approach of healthy living by tweaking the lifestyle habits and diet as per the respective body types.

Read more on Ayurvedic approach here.

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